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Resilience of Agricultural Value Chains in Syria: Opportunities and Challenges

10/03/2021 - 09:34

The side event objective is to highlight the challenges and opportunities of Agriculture Value Chain in the Syrian conflict setting that is highly politicised, suffers from unstable markets, affected by short international sanctions, a deepening economic crisis and varying donor approaches.

The side event has four key objectives:

  1. To better understand the previous/current situation of the agriculture value chain in Syria, and to highlight the challenges and opportunities of Wheat and Olive value chain in North West and North East Syria.
  2. To Enhance collective discussion on how to overcome the challenges and on how to gain the opportunities for supporting the Wheat and Olive value chain.
  3. To provide the opportunity for the Donors, NGOs, institutions, and experts to hear from Syrian voices about the vegetable value chain modalities and impacts.
  4. To put forward recommendations for action and set out a road map for urgent and long-term solutions, acknowledging all complexities of the matter in the northern east Syria current context.


The event will be held in two parts, 45 minutes for presenting the value chaining challenges, opportunities including a short video from a Syrian beneficiary. Another 45 minutes for open discussions and recommendations.



16:30 - 17:25: Present the value chaining challenges, opportunities including a short video

17:25 - 17:55: Open discussions and recommendations

18:00 End


Speakers will include:

  1. Mr. Mark Cutts – UN Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator;
  2. Mr. Anas Muhammad, FSL Cluster Coordinator;
  3. Mr. Paolo Bononi - Livelihood Development Expert;
  4. Mr. Mostafa Kahlout – WATAN CD.

Organiser: Watan and Syrian Agriculture Experts

Date: 26/03/2021  16:30-18:00

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Virtual (Microsoft Teams)