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Clean water changes everything.

18/01/2021 - 17:03
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Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia

Integrated multi-sectoral approach to improve the resilience of vulnerable communities of Wag Himra Zone, Amhara National Regional State - Ethiopia. This water-point was constructed by the local Non Governmental Organisation Mekene Yesus in the framework of the EU project Resilience Building and Creation of Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia. Before the construction of the water point, the water they collected was directly from the ground, and they used the same water point for their cattle. Twice a day the girls go to the water point and fill up the yellow plastic jerry-cans they carry on their backs. The jerry-cans can carry around 20 liters of water. When the girl was asked about the heavy weight of the jerry-cans, she smiled and said, "They are a bit heavy, but we are used to it and it keeps us warm to carry the jerry-cans. Life is easier now that the water isn’t far away." EU Trust Fund - Resilience Building and Creation of Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia (RESET II).

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