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New European Research Area : Council adopts conclusions

Brussels, 01/12/2020 - 19:05, UNIQUE ID: 201202_24
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EU News 338/2020

The Council today adopted a set of conclusions on a major overhaul of the European Research Area (ERA) in the years to come. These conclusions, together with the Commission communication entitled "A new ERA for research and innovation", are two key milestones in efforts to build a common research area that is more tangible and impactful for researchers, innovators and citizens throughout Europe.

According to the Council, the new ERA should link better research & innovation with relevant policy areas, notably with the European education area and the various industrial ecosystems.

In these conclusions, the Council stresses the need for the Commission and the member states to co-create and jointly implement a new ERA that enables all EU member states, research institutions, scientists, businesses and citizens to benefit alike.

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