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Happy 1st birthday, Europe House!

05/11/2020 - 17:37

Over 100 in-house events with more than 3,400 participants and over 120 guest speakers - these are some of the achievements of the first year of the Europe House in Skopje. Designed as a place for young people to get together, network and develop ideas on how to shape a better future for themselves and North Macedonia, the success of Europe House inspired the Delegation to open similar hubs in other towns.


Musicians performing jazz, painters creating live art, mime artists telling stories without words… This is how Europe House’s front windows entertained passers-by and a huge audience on Facebook on the occasion of its first birthday and in the time of pandemic.

On 4 November 2019, European Parliament President David Sassoli inaugurated Europe House with the message: young people, this is a place for you to get together, exchange ideas and connect with other people, so that you create fresh opportunities for yourselves and for your country.

One year later, Europe House has every reason to be proud of what it has achieved. In addition to many in-house- and events outside its premises (such as visits to high schools and environment cleaning actions all over the country) involving hundreds of speakers and thousands of participants, Europe House has organised online debates, livestreams and podcasts as a way to keep up its work during the pandemic.



Obviously, Covid-19 has also defined the format of the birthday programme. The full-day online itinerary was not confined to performances at Europe House’s front windows. A mobile application called ‘Virtual Europe House’ - designed for the young people to organise, share or take part in events of their interest – was launched. Ambassador David Geer and the recently selected ten Young European Ambassadors and Attachés from North Macedonia debated the challenges of the new generation. The programme wrapped up with an online night party with a local DJ.



Europe House plans to celebrate its next birthday in more premises, with even more activities and more opportunities for young people. Following the overwhelming positive feedback to the work of Europe House in Skopje, it is planned to open Europe Houses in Kriva Palanka and Strumica shortly.

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