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#TeamEurope: The European Union and Chile together facing Covid-19

07/08/2020 - 00:14
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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. The cost in human lives and the socio-economic impact have challenged the European Union to give a global response focussed on a "sustainable recovery".

Since no one will be safe until we are all safe, the European Union launched the #TeamEurope programme, which includes an aid package of more than 36 billion euros globally, including 918 millions for Latin America.

From the beginning of this crisis in Chile, the European Union has mobilised as #TeamEurope together with the 18 EU Member States accredited in the country to give a comprehensive response to the serious consequences of the pandemic.

The European Union has reoriented its largest programmes such as Eurosocial, Euroclima +, El PAcCTO and Innoval, amongst others. Together with several ministries, the EU is working through these programmes in different areas of public policies such as cohesion and social inclusion, security and regional innovation for the economic reactivation. At the same time, EU Member States have held high-level and expert dialogues with the Chilean Government on health and socioeconomic measures to confront the pandemic.

Campaigns were launched through support to civil society and academia to prevent violence against women in confined spaces, support the elderly, mitigate the economic impact of the health crisis on women, migrants and refugees, and identify crisis management protocols in companies.

Thanks to the commitment of European companies, it has been possible to provide material and equipment such as medical supplies, ventilators, kits for virus detection, backup generators for hospitals and vehicles to meet the needs of local communities.

In the private sector, #TeamEurope has supported the development of good practices for European companies, ensuring the protection of their workers and promoting new investment projects in Chile.

Moreover, scientific cooperation has been supported by financing research in Chile to help understand the virus and the clinical management of infected patients.

#TeamEurope has also mobilised to provide assistance to the most vulnerable with one million euros to suppor the work of NGOs - Fundación para la Superación de la Pobreza and Movidos por Chile –to strengthen sanitary resilience by providing hygiene kits and food and to boost the economic recovery in Chile’s driest regions.

As advancing towards a collective future requires immediate action beyond the pandemic, a one-million euro “Development in transition” fund was launched between the European Union and the Chilean Government, which will finance projects that promote the use of renewable energies and the recovery of the main productive sectors in Chile’s regions.

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