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EU Supports Training of Engineers from the Ministry of Energy, TANESCO, REA and EWURA in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 27/07/2020 - 17:27, UNIQUE ID: 200727_7
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Dar es Salaam, 27th July, 2020; Twenty five (25) Technical Staff from the Ministry of Energy (MoE), the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO), the Rural Energy Agency (REA) and the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), are receiving a 4-day extensive training on power transmissions, in Dar es Salaam.

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Tanzania has contracted Studio Pietrangeli (SP, Italy), an Italian engineering firm, to do a Feasibility Study for High Voltage Lines and Distribution Substations to support rural electrification initiatives in Tanzania. The feasibility study is of strategic importance to plan and implement rural electrification projects, especially through grid extension. The project’s scope covers almost 2550 km of high voltage lines and 51 transmission and distribution substations, including 36 newly ones and 15 extended or enlarged ones.

Speaking at the training, the trainer, Mr. Stefano GALANTINO, said "This project is a good opportunity to provide practical training to  technical staff from  the Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO) and the Rural Energy Agency (REA) staff to further strengthen their expertise in designing power transmission projects”

The training and transfer of knowledge was initially supposed to take place in Italy (Rome), together with visits to power plants for technology transfer. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions in Italy as a result of COVID-19, the visits to power plants in Italy have been postponed. Meanwhile, the theoretical aspect of the training is taking place this week. It will cover topics on power network analysis, planning of high voltage transmission systems, methodology of feasibility studies, financial and economic analysis, etc.

A previous training held between October and November 2019 was conducted on site in different regions of Tanzania as well as in class-room. It was attended by 12 engineers and 12 technicians from TANESCO and REA. The topics covered under those training sessions were Elements of Theory on Transmission Systems Design, Practical Application in Field Investigations, and Planning of High Voltage Transmission Lines.

The project has granted me and my fellow trainees a very good opportunity to get trained on technical aspects. Skills and knowledge from this training will help us in developing our careers in the power sector” said Eng. Jensen Mahavile, one of the trainees from REA.


About EU support to the energy sector in Tanzania:

Energy is one of EU's top priorities, and it is a key area of support in development cooperation with the Government of Tanzania. For almost a decade now, the EU has helped to improve people's access to energy. It has promoted the introduction of innovative approaches for decentralized solutions to energy supply based on renewable sources, as well as grid development and new connections in rural areas. The EU has scaled up its engagement under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), with a focus on energy sector reforms, energy efficiency and renewable energy, access to electricity in rural areas and clean cooking solutions.

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