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Grant and Project Implementing Agreement for EU-Funded HPP Construction in Tajikistan signed in Dushanbe

Dushanbe, 23/07/2020 - 13:28, UNIQUE ID: 200723_7
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Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, KfW and Pamir Energy signed the Grant and Project implementing agreement for construction of a small HPP in GBAO region of Tajikistan.

Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mr. Zavqi Zavqizoda

Yesterday the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mr. Zavqi Zavqizoda, Director of Pamir Energy Company, Mr. Daler Jumaev and KFW signed a Grant and Project Implementing Agreement for construction of a small hydropower plant Sebzor in Roshtqala district of Mountainous Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO). The ceremony was attended by Head of Development Cooperation at EU Delegation in Dushanbe – Mr. Stefano Ellero and Director of KfW office in Dushanbe – Dr. Andreas Schneider.  The Grant and Project Implementing Agreement is based on the Contribution agreement in the amount of 20 million Euros signed in Dushanbe in December 2019 by EU Ambassador, Ms. Marilyn Josefson and KfW office Dushanbe Director - Dr. Andreas Schneider.

The committed funds of 20 million Euros come as a contribution to 17 million Euros allocated for this project earlier by German Government to Tajikistan during the intergovernmental negotiations in 2018.  

The project foresees construction of an 11 MW run-of-the-river hydropower plant on Shokhdara river of GBAO with an expected  generation capacity of 74.5 million kWh per year.  Beneficiaries of the project shall be 220,000 consumers in GBAO connected to Pamir Energy grid, who will benefit from improved access to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. In additional, the project aims to increase the reliability of the energy supply in GBAO by reducing the risk of electricity interruptions through natural disasters. Besides, construction of a new school building for up to 400 students in Roshtqala district is foreseen in the frame of the project.

The project shall be financed through state-owned German Development bank – KfW. The executing agency for the project is Pamir Energy company, who operates the energy system of GBAO on the basis of a concession agreement with the Government of Tajikistan.

For further details, please contact: KfW Office Dushanbe  

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