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HRC 44 - Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to education - EU Intervention

Geneva, 03/07/2020 - 09:46, UNIQUE ID: 200703_4
Statements on behalf of the EU

Madam. President,

The EU would like to thank the Special Rapporteur for her report focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the right to education. Her efforts to address such a pressing matter are much appreciated.

Everyone  has the right to education. We share the concerns of the Special Rapporteur about the trend of increasing  discrimination in the enjoyment of this right, due to COVID-19.

The measures which had to be adopted to fight against COVID-19, including the closure of schools, could undermine the progress made in the access to education and exacerbate inequalities both globally and domestically. In order to avoid or mitigate such impact, , it is essential that such measures are taken within a human’s right framework, taking into consideration, inter alia, the digital exclusion faced by many children and families, the lack of social services once provided by schools such as daily meals and psycho-social support, and the situation in humanitarian settings. 

The EU welcomes the recommendations made in this report to ensure the right to education, especially to the most vulnerable and marginalized.

We also appreciate the references given to teachers and other education workers, and the challenges they have been facing during this crisis.

Lastly, out of the many innovative measures put in place during the crisis, we would like to ask the Special Rapporteur which of them should, in her opinion, continue to be implemented after the pandemic in order to “build back better”?

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