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Venezuela: Meeting of the Senior Officials of the International Contact Group

Brussels, 24/06/2020 - 21:10, UNIQUE ID: 200624_17
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The Senior Officials of the International Contact Group (ICG) met today, through video conference, to discuss the latest developments in Venezuela. They were debriefed by the Special Adviser Enrique Iglesias on his recent contacts with national political actors, as well as main international stakeholders.


The Senior Officials expressed concern at the worsening political crisis, further shrinking of the democratic and political space, as well as the deterioration of the human rights situation while the humanitarian and migration crisis have been compounded by the COVID-19 emergency.


The recent Supreme Court decisions unilaterally appointing members of the National Electoral Council that is neither balanced nor independent, and the replacement of the board of directors of some of the main opposition parties damage the possibility of a consensual electoral path and democratic elections.


A sustainable solution to the profound Venezuelan crisis needs to include free, transparent, credible and fair legislative and presidential elections. The ICG urges the regime to stop unilateral actions and calls on both sides to engage in meaningful and inclusive negotiations that can lead to a democratic way out of the crisis. The ICG also recalls that violence, including any military or violent incursion in the country, cannot be an option.


The IGC will continue to work to build broad international support for a peaceful negotiated transition, leading to a democratic future in Venezuela.


The group has also agreed to continue to support humanitarian diplomacy efforts aiming at securing full, unimpeded access to those in need by neutral and independent humanitarian organisations and called for upscaling international assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans.