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Mauritius - Climate smart agriculture for small holders

23/06/2020 - 09:03
Environment and Climate Action

Implemented as part of the EU Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Initiative - GCCA +.

EU Contribution: €2,263,975

Period of implementation: 2016 - 2021

Objective: to increase the resilience of smallholders to climate change by improving their capacity towards developing and sustaining climate smart agriculture practices.

4 actions:

  • Transformation of Belle Mare into a Climate-Smart Agriculture village for climate resilience, food security, and poverty alleviation of its farmers

Implementing partner: University of Mauritius

  • Improving Resilience of Small Holders to the effect of climate change

Implementing partner: Irrigation Authority

  • Smart Agriculture: Transition towards agro ecological climate-resilient food cropping systems in Mauritius

Implementing partner: Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture 

  • Adaptation of smallholder farmers to climate change in Rodrigues: “Setting up of an Integrated organic chilli farm at Montagne du Sable and a lime and honey farm at Anse Ali”  

Implementing partner: Commission of Social Security (Rodrigues Regional Assembly)

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