European Union External Action

Mauritius - Enhancing civil society organisations' contribution to governance and development processes

23/06/2020 - 08:40
Civil Society and Media

EU Contribution: € 1 581 469

Period of implementation: 2018-2022

Objective: To support the contribution of Civil Society Organisations to governance and accountability through inclusive policymaking.

4 actions launched in 2018:

  • Grass-root community empowerment for resilience, social inclusion and sustainable economic incubator support: leave no one behind in 5 local deprived communities

Implementing partner: ENL Foundation

  • A Holistic Promotion of Good Governance and Accountability in public and private sectors as well as the youth of Mauritius and Rodrigues

Implementing partner: Transparency Mauritius

  • Enable Mauritius: leaving no one behind, persons with disabilities

Implementing partner: Global Rainbow Foundation

  • MFPWA addressing demographic challenges through safe motherhood and family planning for sustainable development

Implementing partner: Mauritius Family Planning and Welfare Association

Location: Mauritius and Rodrigues

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