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EU and its Members States launch Team Europe in Mexico

17/06/2020 - 10:11
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Team Europe in Mexico foresees an initial fund of 8 million euros to support the fight against coronavirus and its consequences, with a focus on the most vulnerable.

Team Europe in Mexico

The European Union and its Member States have launched Team Europe in Mexico with an initial fund of 8 million euros to address the immediate needs, as well as the long-term structural impacts on the Mexican society and economy.

Strengthening the Mexican health system is a priority of the Team Europe package. This includes effective risk communication strategies; expanding the coverage and diagnostic capacity of the national network of public laboratories; and strengthening water and sanitation systems. The forthcoming creation of the EU-Mexico Fund will support the Mexican health system and will benefit hundreds of thousands of Mexicans.

Team Europe in Mexico focuses on the most vulnerable sectors of the population such as women, migrants, human rights defenders and journalists. Regarding women and girls who survived violence, the action plan includes strengthening the attention capacities of authorities and civil society organisations; direct support for civil society organisations; psychological attention and emergency support; support for shelters and the creation of emergency houses; and monthly humanitarian assistance for victims' relatives.

The package also provides humanitarian support to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and displaced persons through training on job recovery and unemployment mechanisms; strengthening the capacity of shelters for migrants with, for instance, the provision of food, humanitarian aid and access to health services.

Team Europe in Mexico also assists human rights defenders, journalists, torture survivors and people detained in prisons with direct financial support, healthcare equipment and supplies, food and medicines, and attention in rehabilitation centres and psychiatric hospitals.

Some of the most impoverished areas of the country will benefit from the implementation of health measures and the support to sustainable productive projects of women entrepreneurs, young people, indigenous populations and small producers. Projects focus on mitigation actions to preserve income and socio-economic activities; the preservation and restoration of the environment; support for community tourism and the creation of resilient MSMEs. Furthermore, the implementation of health measures will contribute to ensuring the continuity of productive activities, safe working environments, and community resilience.

The Mexican Vice-Minister for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Martha Delgado, described international cooperation as the best way to solve the global challenges. "We are deeply grateful for the solidarity shown by the European Union and its Member States, who have demonstrated the best tradition of international cooperation", she expressed.