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EU launches new project to support children and young people in the face of the COVID-19 health emergency

03/06/2020 - 19:26

Approximately 22.307 people at risk from highly vulnerable neighbourhoods and communities, including children and adolescents, youth, women victims of violence, indigenous and afro-descendant ethnic groups and people with disabilities, will benefit from the new project "Girls, children, adolescents, youth and their families resilient to the health emergency of Covid-19 in Nicaragua".


The project will last 18 months and will be implemented in the departments of Managua, Estelí, Jinotega and the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast, through the organisations EDUCO, HORIZONT 3000, WORLD VISION and CHILDREN BELIEVE.

 It is estimated that for each person in the project's target group, the effect of the actions will indirectly reach 5 people, for a total of 111.535 beneficiaries. In the case of the children, adolescents and young people who will be assisted, many live on the streets and have dropped out of school, some face problems of addiction, a high rate of teenage pregnancy and the vast majority have been victims of some kind of abuse, domestic, school or community violence, sexual and/or labour abuse, commercial exploitation or discrimination on the grounds of disability.

 "I am honoured to inaugurate this new project as part of the Team Europe global solidarity initiative that we are carrying out together with our Member States. In the case of Nicaragua, we will allocate 35 million euros to support the most vulnerable populations in the face of the pandemic," explained Pelayo Castro, EU Ambassador to Nicaragua, who participated in a symbolic ceremony with other European Ambassadors and implementing partners to mark the start of the project.

 The Team Europe in Nicaragua initiative includes, on the one hand, the reorientation as much as possible of the resources that the cooperation projects in progress already manage, and, on the other hand, it also includes new initiatives such as the launch of the project "Children, adolescents, young people and their families resilient to the health emergency of Covid-19 in Nicaragua".

Read more information about the project (in Spanish) here.

Foto facilitada por EDUCO Nicaragua