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28/05/2020 - 13:53
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World Vision, with the support of the European Union, renovated an old water tank which provides water to farming families of Kuruvithenna in Rideemaliyadda, Badulla. This tank was left unrenovated for decades, reducing its capacity and hampering farming activities. This is the story of how these families came together to save their way of life.

Puna Wewa was built by a farmer decades ago to collect and store rainwater to cultivate  paddy and corn in the 45 acres of surrounding land. Over the years, the steady accumulation of mud and dirt caused the tank to decay. The farming families did not have the resources to renovate it.

So, they were unable to farm in the Yala season, which is usually dry and humid. This led to a loss of income and many farmers had to resort to labour work to make ends meet.

With the guidance and support of World Vision, who were able to provide expert engineering advice and resources to the farmers, the families were able to renovate and return the tank to its full capacity.

The tank now holds enough water from the last rains to provide the farmers the ability to farm their lands in the driest months of the year. The irrigated fields provided work for the twenty families in Kuruvithenna for whom the second harvest is a welcome relief.

Premadasa, the lead farmer who approached World Vision on behalf of the farming families, now looks over green fields with a sense of relief and security.

The families work hard to maintain their fields each day but never forget to take a moment to gather near the tank and enjoy the view of the life giving water.

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