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International Donor’s Conference in solidarity with Venezuelan migrants and refugees, in the midst of COVID-19: Co-Chair Statement

Madrid/Brussels, 26/05/2020 - 21:07, UNIQUE ID: 200526_24
Joint Statements

The Government of Spain and the European Union welcome the political and financial response from the International Community to the dramatic crisis of over 4 million displaced Venezuelans, which for many years have been hosted and welcomed by neighbouring countries.


The solidarity shown from the countries in the region, has been praised and supported today by their partners and donor countries. They have pledged €2.544 billion to complement and support the efforts already under way from the host communities.


The Government of Spain and the European Union as organisers, together with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Governments of Canada and Norway as co-conveners, consider that the objectives of this conference have been met. These objectives were to sensitise the International Community about the urgency of this unprecedented crisis, mobilise resources to help the displaced population, address the situation in the areas of concentration of the refugee and migrant population that is deteriorating due to COVID-19, and enable a greater and better-coordinated support from key actors.


The serious attention deficit suffered by this displacement crisis, compounded by the difficulties caused by the spread of COVID-19, will be alleviated by these contributions from the international community. The European Union and Spain urge countries, UN Agencies, International Financial Institutions, and national and international civil society to remain seized to the matter, which will continue to demand our commitment in the future.


In this context, the organisers congratulate and thank the Canadian Government for the announcement made today to host and organise the next meeting to follow-up to this conference. 


All the actors taking part in this meeting have given testimony to the world of the worst displacement crisis Latin America and the Caribbean have suffered in its recent history. Spain and the European Union are grateful for the effort that the donors have made today and urge them to continue supporting the efforts of the host countries, so that refugees and migrants can live in a concerted and peaceful manner, in their host communities, while this situation lasts.