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Burundi : Statement by the Spokesperson on the eve of the elections

Brussels, 19/05/2020 - 10:19, UNIQUE ID: 200519_5
Statements by the Spokesperson

Tomorrow, millions of voters will go to the polls in Burundi, at the end of an election campaign marked by strong citizen engagement, despite a number of incidents. On the eve of this important event, the European Union calls on all political actors to honour the commitments made in the code of conduct for elections signed in December 2019, and thus contribute to the holding of free, transparent, credible and peaceful elections.

The European Union fully endorses the Joint Statement by the African Union Commission and the United Nations Secretariat, calling on ‘all political actors to refrain from all acts of violence and hate speech, and resort to dialogue’.

The people of Burundi, whom the European Union has consistently supported, must see their aspirations recognised, and it is accordingly essential that the election process be conducted without impediment and without violence.