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Online Public Consultation on EU's Generalised Scheme of Preferences (Extended till 15th July)

Brussels, 14/05/2020 - 11:11, UNIQUE ID: 200514_8
Public consultations

The European Commission launched a preparatory work in order to support a possible review of the legal framework governing the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). The public consultation results will feed into this work. The objective of the public consultation is to hear the views, experiences and evidence of a wide variety of stakeholders which can provide precious insights to the ongoing reflection on the possible review and complement other analytical methods. The findings of the consultation will be relevant to the preparatory work, including an Impact Assessment on possible policy options.

Feedback period: Initially 11 March 2020-03 June 2020, it has further been extended till 15th July  (midnight Brussels time)

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