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The post-Coronavirus world is here already...

24/04/2020 - 18:03
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24/04/2020 - A health crisis at the outset, the coronavirus pandemic soon turned into an unprecedented economic and social crisis. In an article published with several European think tanks, I sketch how COVID-19 could magnify three global developments.


The main takeaways of the article are:

  • The pandemic will likely magnify existing geopolitical dynamics and test the strength of Europe’s democratic systems.
  • Europe needs a new kind of globalisation capable of striking a balance between the advantages of open markets and interdependence, and between the sovereignty and security of countries.
  • Europe should work to prevent the US-China rivalry from having negative repercussions in certain regions of the world – particularly Africa.
  • European leaders need to focus on meeting the immediate needs of healthcare systems, providing an income for people who cannot work, and giving businesses guarantees.

The article was published first on the Ifri website and will be published in Politique Etrangère, Vol. 85, No 2, Summer 2020. Please find below an overview with links to the various publications in other outlets and in different languages


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