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EU assists stranded travellers to get back home

24/04/2020 - 15:48
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Stranded European Union citizens left Nairobi on Thursday in a special Ethiopian Airways flight to Frankfurt via Addis, organised by the EU Delegation to Kenya.


Many European citizens who have been stranded following travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic had to overcome significant hurdles to catch a special flight organised by the European Union delegation, which safely delivered them to Europe. Some of the passengers had been evacuated by a specially hired night bus from Mombasa, and others, who were not able to access the ferry that links Mombasa Island to the mainland during pre-curfew hours choose to join a charter flight from Diani to Nairobi.

Under the current movement restrictions which forms part of the war against the Corona virus in Kenya, many Europeans shared moving stories of their long journey accessing Nairobi from other parts of Kenya, a feat which would not have been possible without the support of the European Union Delegation and the EU Member States’ consular officials, who together with Kenyan government officials, made possible the permits to travel across counties to make it to Nairobi in time for the flight.

This is the second evacuation flight from Nairobi for European citizens, the first one having been organised last week together with the Embassy of Netherlands.

A special thanks to all those who made these flights possible.


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