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Poland #UnitedinDistance: free online classes for health workers’ children

24/04/2020 - 13:16
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High school students and teachers volunteer to tutor children who need distance learning during the Covis-19 crisis


These days, the children of healthcare professionals may feel unattended as their parents are away saving lives day after day. To keep their education going, the Ivy Poland Academy has started Klinika Matmy, a project consisting of free tutoring in mathematics, physics, computer science, Polish and English  literature, and other subjects.

The project coordinators are students from Stanisław Staszic High School in Warsaw. Polish students and teachers are volunteering to run individual free online classes for the children of doctors, nurses, midwives, diagnosticians and paramedics. Over 1.000 volunteers have already enrolled in the program, and over 500 pupils are already being tutored.

Volunteer teachers and children of healthcare professionals from all over Europe, who need help in distant learning, can participate in the program by registering via the short form at Information about the project is available on the Facebook pages @Akademia Ivy Poland and @Klinika Matmy.