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Survey: How European Investment Contributes to Industrialisation and Development in Kenya

15/04/2020 - 15:32
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The European Union Delegation in Kenya launches survey to map the European companies presence and their impact in Kenya.

The Delegation of the European Union has launched a survey among the European private sector in Kenya to  map the European companies presence and their impact in Kenya.

The information gathered through this survey will provide the Delegation and all embassies of the EU Member States with necessary information to use in their interactions with the Kenyan government to improve the business climate.

From the aggregate information a brochure will be made in which the outcomes will be visibly communicated.

We realise that the private sector in general and also European companies in Kenya are going through difficult times. Nevertheless we hope that you will have time to fill in the online questionnaire, in which there is also space to share information on the impact of the measures taken in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All answers will be handled discretely and in line with the existing date protection rules and regulations and only presented at an aggregated level.

All EU firms in the country or potential investors can collaborate by filing in the 5-minutes survey online EU investment in Kenya survey.

Please feel free to contact the consultant implementing this project on behalf of the EU Delegation to Kenya, if you need further information or would like to add input not covered by the survey.

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