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Portugal #UnitedInDistance: Civil society

02/04/2020 - 11:34
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Filipe Ribeiro is 23 and he is a student in Porto. Together with other students living in town, he’s pursuing his studies and helping the local community along the way. Impac’tu is a students’ volunteer association, born with the purpose of assisting families and people in need: from legal advice to social support, they offer their knowledge and their solidarity throughout the year.

Like many other associations, Impac’tu had its regular activities suspended due to the COVID 19 health crisis. But that didn’t stop these volunteers from offering their help.

They got together to launch “Porta de Impac’tu” and go porta-a-porta, or “door to door”, delivering groceries to those who are most at risk during this crisis and have to stay at home to protect themselves.

Obrigada, Filipe & Impac’tu

You keep us #UnitedInDistance!


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