European Union External Action

Liechtenstein and the EU

The EEA Agreement covers most aspects of Liechtenstein's relations with the EU, including:

  • Participation in the EU internal market;
  • Participation in EU agencies and programmes;
  • Liechtenstein's financial contribution to social and economic cohesion in the EU and EEA;
  • Regular political dialogue on foreign policy issues at ministerial and expert level.

Since December 2011, Liechtenstein has also been an associated member of Europe's border-free Schengen area and fully participates in the Dublin system for dealing with asylum claims.

In December 2015, the EU and Liechtenstein signed an agreement on automatic exchange of information on tax matters, which will significantly improve the fight against tax evasion. The new agreement is scheduled to come into force by 2017.

In the United Nations, Liechtenstein's approach is to support the EU's foreign policy and align itself with relevant EU measures.

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