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Safe return from the Seychelles for all European tourists in need of repatriation

01/04/2020 - 08:21
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Following the establishment of travel restrictions, international airlines serving the route Europe - Seychelles suspended numerous flights. This has left many European citizens stranded.

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In order to support them, special and charter flights have been organized by the EU Member States with the support from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Through this mechanism, the European Union contributes to the organization of repatriation and covers parts of transport costs.

In Seychelles, with the support of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, two flights were organised to Germany on 26 and 28 March and one flight to France on 31 March. As the flight on 31 March operated by the European Union and the French Government was the last one, the French Embassy and UK High Commission in Seychelles coordinated closely and organized the logistical aspect of the repatriation, while keeping European citizens informed on the situation through the European delegation network.

At 20h50 local time, a charter plane left from Mahé to Paris with 156 tourists from 10 different countries (France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland). The plane safely landed in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in the morning on 1 April.

H.E. Mr Dominique Mas, the French Ambassador in Seychelles, who was present at the airport with the British High Commissioner as well as the Honorary Consuls of Belgium and Germany, reported that European citizens were all very grateful for this opportunity to go back home safely.

The EU Delegation based in Mauritius participated actively in this consular coordination.

In the current situation, helping European citizens stranded in countries outside the EU return home is the key priority of the European Union.

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