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Venezuela: Statement by Spokesperson on the US proposal and the situation in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Brussels, 01/04/2020 - 13:16, UNIQUE ID: 200401_32
Statements by the Spokesperson

We have followed with great attention the words of Secretary of State Pompeo. The United States have announced proposals on the way forward to find a way out of the crisis in Venezuela. We will study very carefully these proposals and we will assess them in the coming days.

As repeatedly underlined, the European Union will support all steps leading to a genuine political process towards a peaceful and democratic resolution of the crisis, based on credible and transparent elections. The EU is committed to actively contribute to this objective.

In the meantime, we want to recall the potentially devastating effects that the coronavirus pandemic could have in Venezuela. That would compound with an already very serious economic, social and humanitarian situation. It is essential to minimise the human impact of the pandemic and that requires national solidarity and unity, political maturity and generosity. This would also be important to foster more international support, which is much needed in Venezuela.

The European Union stands firmly with the people of Venezuela and will provide help to support them in the face of a challenge of this magnitude.