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President Lungus's annual greeting of the diplomatic corps

24/01/2020 - 09:42
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H E Edgar Changwa Lungu welcomed the Diplomatic Community to Statehouse & used the occasion to review achievements and challenges of 2019; mainly the poor rainfall that negatively affected both agricultural production and electricity generation. H.E announced that his government was looking forward to progress in carbon emission cuts at the forthcoming COP26 scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland. President Lungu commended the Cooperating Partners support in Governments food relief efforts in the parts of Zambia that are faced with food insecurity & added that Government will intensify #climatechange mitigation, natural resources & water management programmes in 2020. He outlined that economic growth had also been negatively affected by a decline in copper output, coupled with lower copper prices at global level.

Other topics concerned the ongoing implementation of the 7th National Development Plan; Zambia's focus on economic diplomacy; trade and investment; diaspora engagement; as well as Zambia's ongoing regional and Continental efforts in peace and security.

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