European Union External Action

Statement by the spokesperson on the verdict to dissolve Al Wefaq political society

Bruxelles, 19/07/2016 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 160719_01
Statements by the Spokesperson

The verdict that a Bahraini court issued to dissolve Al Wefaq political society and to liquidate its assets is the last of a series of worrying developments in the country. The EU expects this judgment to be reversed.

As already expressed, the EU considers that Bahrain's stability and security can only be achieved through reforms and inclusive reconciliation. The verdict on Al Wefaq, the arrest of activist Nabil Rajab and the revocation of the citizenship to Sheikh Isa Qassem go, on the contrary, in the direction to further divide Bahraini society.
The EU has consistently voiced its support for outreach and dialogue, and called on all components of Bahraini society to participate in elections and to work with newly created Human Rights institutions. This requires an environment in which moderate voices can express peaceful political grievances and where violence has no place. This is all the more important for Bahrain, while it is confronted by many threats, and in the current challenging regional environment. The participation of all citizens to the political life is a key factor for stability in a key country and strong ally ofthe European Union.