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Youth Climate Change Challenge – Competition Guidelines

06/11/2019 - 11:41
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Project Emelela invites young people in Botswana to propose innovative ideas that address the threat of climate change. The 3 best ideas will win great prizes!

The deadline is November 15, 2019

Youth Climate Change Challenge Competition Guidelines


Project Emelela invites young people in Botswana to propose innovative ideas that address the threat of climate change. The 3 best ideas will win great prizes! 


Ideas may support adaption to, or mitigation against climate change in Botswana. Climate change may be addressed through various interventions such as drought management, sustainable food production, urban planning, transportation, etc. If you have an idea that can answer a climate change challenge, this competition is for you. For more information on how to enter, and terms and conditions, please visit the European Union in Botswana Facebook page at:


Challenge Rules:

  • Open to anyone in Botswana aged 35 or below
  • Deadline for submissions is midnight, 15th November, 2019
  • 2 pages maximum proposal
  • Entries should be emailed to



Entries may follow any format deemed suitable, however a suggested template could be:

  • Brief outline of the problem (in its context in Botswana) and its relevance to climate change
  • Description of the proposed solution/ intervention
  • Brief description of the investment needed to implement the proposed solution/ intervention (e.g. estimated budgets, stakeholder involvement etc)
  • Description of the expected impact of the proposed solution/intervention
  • Explanation of the ideas sustainability, and how the proposed solution/intervention fits could be supported within the existing context/ sector.


Entries will be judged against the following 5 criteria: relevance, originality, integration, feasibility, effectiveness.


Additional information

Below is a mark scheme that outlines the characteristics of a high-scoring entry.


Relevance: An idea that addresses an important climate change challenge which is highly relevant to Botswanas context and to contemporary climate change debates. The idea should be well focused.

Originality: A highly innovative idea that is not currently being implemented anywhere.


Integration: An idea that works within the economy. Complements existing socio-economic context and would require relatively little investment to integrate into existing structures. Demonstrates realistic potential for ongoing sustainability.


Feasibility: A viable and practical idea that could be funded and implemented in the current economy (preferably within a specific sector). Shows potential to be implemented within a short timeframe, with low risk, and without significant financial/practical effort required upfront.


Effectiveness: An idea with the potential to have a significant impact on climate issues in Botswana. For a larger scope idea, impact should be large. For a smaller scope idea, impact may be smaller but still demonstrate excellent return on investment’, relatively. Uses evidence to support claims of potential effectiveness.

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