European Union External Action

Statement by the Spokesperson on the political situation in Guinea-Bissau

Brussels, 30/10/2019 - 17:20, UNIQUE ID: 191030_14
Statements by the Spokesperson

The illegal attempt to dismiss Prime-Minister Gomes and his Government threatens to derail the ongoing electoral process in Guinea-Bissau. The Government, whose programme was recently approved by a parliamentary majority, is the sole and legitimate executive power in Guinea-Bissau, supported by regional and international partners.

In order to preserve stability and sustainable development, the electoral cycle should be pursued with the Presidential elections planned on November 24th 2019. The EU expects all stakeholders to avoid any actions that undermine this process.

The EU endorses the October 29th ECOWAS Statement and stands firmly with its international partners in order to ensure free, fair and transparent elections on November 24th 2019.

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