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29/10/2019 - 13:04
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28 October 2019 - The European Union Advisory Mission in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) hosted a Civil Society Platform in Erbil as part of the European Union’s comprehensive approach to civilian security sector reform.

The meeting brought together more than forty (40) participants. Participants included representatives from fourteen (14) ethnic and religious minority groups as well as diverse civil society organizations, the Kurdistan judiciary, a member of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Ministry of Interior, Provincial Government, and various embassies. Two (2) representatives from the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA) in Baghdad were in attendance as well.

The day was based around creating a dialog between civil society, government, and international parties.

EUAM Iraq’s Head of Mission opened the event. Thereafter, the group conducted three (3) break-out sessions.  During the first breakout session, participants were invited to look at issues related to Human Security.  The second session focused on Minorities and Security.  The third session discussed issues related to Women, Peace and Security (UNSCR 1325).

The breakout sessions produced lively and fruitful conversations.  The participants had the opportunity to discuss with each other their security and other concerns, and come up with recommendations for solutions. Each group presented their main points at the end of the break-out sessions.

Building up of strong partnerships within the engagement of security sector reform is a strategic priority for EUAM Iraq. 

EUAM Iraq is extending its activities to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Mission has conducted some initial activities in the KRG. This was the first Civil Society Platform in Erbil, and EUAM Iraq will continue in its efforts to engage civil society, government representatives, international partners.


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