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A Global campaign for clean, plastic-free oceans

10/10/2019 - 07:28
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#EUBeachCleanUp 2019

A Global campaign for clean, plastic-free oceans

Organised by the Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh at Gulshan Lake, Dhaka

Under the auspices of the European Union's global campaign for clean, plastic-free beaches and oceans, the EU Delegation to Bangladesh organised a symbolic clean-up activity on a stretch of the Gulshan-Banani Lake on 9 October 2019.

This year, members of the Gulshan Society and Prokriti O Jibon Foundation alongside various representatives and Ambassadors from the EU Member State Embassies joined the activity which was led by European Union Ambassador H.E. Ms Rensje Teerink.

Participants were not only able to collect plastic refuse in large jute sacs, but the activity also helped raise awareness of the importance around limiting the usage of single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, containers, light weight plastic bags, packets etc., that ultimately cause environmental pollution and damage.  


On this occasion, EU Ambassador Teerink said: "The amount of plastic litter in our oceans and seas is growing rapidly and not only is it causing environmental pollution, plastics and micro-plastics have entered our ecosystems and therefore our food and water with an unknown health impacts. Through this symbolic lake cleaning action, I hope we succeed in conveying an important message of the individual role in combatting plastic pollution and marine litter in our daily lives".


Ambassador Teerink also thanked Gulshan Society for their participation in today's programme and for their tireless efforts in keeping the lake clean: "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Gulshan Society for taking the initiative of maintaining a pleasant environment around the lake and discouraging the use of plastic. I hope they continue to pursue such noble actions."


The Ambassador also said, "My sincere appreciation also goes to Prokriti O Jibon Foundation, which has over the years been working as a major player for the protection of environment and marine life in Bangladesh. We thank the foundation for supporting us today."


In the face of a global concern for plastic pollution, the European Union has taken a strong stance against use of plastic and has initiated various measures to discourage its use not just within the EU but also in its partner countries around the world.



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