European Union External Action

Concluding Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini at the ministerial meeting on Syria crisis

New York, 25/09/2019 - 00:04, UNIQUE ID: 190925_1

We have heard a clear message from the representatives of Syrian civil society: make sure that as you focus on political processes, do not forget the people. This is our duty to constantly keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of people that have been killed, those displaced, the destruction that has been brought to a wonderful country and its beautiful land, and also the divisions in society that have been created or deepened. This will take many years to remedy. On the positive side, we have heard some commitments and pledges on the humanitarian side which are important.

We have also heard statements from all of you in strong support for a UN-mediated political solution. A Syria that all Syrians can call home, comfortably and safely enough. Having heard the same message for the past 5 years, I wish that this conference next year will not be needed or it will be a reconstruction conference because the political agreement has been found and the political solution will be in place. For this to happen, I think each of you that have taken the floor today expressing strong political support to the UN-mediated process passing to action and really helping the UN Special Envoy and all the other colleagues to build the conditions for this to happen. 

The conditions are there if each of us does its own bit. Some of us have a lot of power on the ground, some of us less but each of us can contribute to this crisis being solved.

I wish you all consistency and coherence in the months ahead and most importantly I would like to wish our Syrian friends that are in the room, the civil society and through them to all the Syrian civil society representatives and activists that have been working with us to prepare this conference and engaged to accompany this process that as [Geir] Pedersen said does not involve only the institutions and political parties but also the civil society and women.

Thank you for your engagement and your courage. We all wish you all the best in your lives and the life of your country.

Thank you.

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