European Union External Action

Statement of the EU Delegation to Albania

Bruxelles, 13/07/2016 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 160714_8
Local Statements

We regret that the leadership of Democratic Party has rejected the compromise proposal.

The credibility of the judicial reform overall depends on the credibility of the vetting of judges and prosecutors. To guarantee this, a limited targeted role of the international community through the International Monitoring Operation is crucial.

This is fully in line with the Venice Commission Opinion that envisages this role for the International Monitoring Operation. The current compromise proposal reflects our clear position that the international community should provide strong monitoring to ensure the credibility of the process, including in the pre-vetting of the members of the vetting bodies, by providing negative recommendations as appropriate. The International Community has never suggested having any executive power since it is essential for the Albanian authorities to keep full ownership.

Negotiations must come to a positive conclusion now. This will also be discussed by the European External Action Service's Deputy Secretary-General Helga Schmid during her visit to Albania today and tomorrow.

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