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Fifth ministerial meeting between the High Representative of the European Union and the Sahel G5 Ministers for Foreign Affairs

Bruxelles, 10/07/2019 - 08:35, UNIQUE ID: 190710_2
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Fifth ministerial meeting between the High Representative of the European Union and the Sahel G5 Ministers for Foreign Affairs

Joint statement


1. The fifth ministerial meeting between the European Union and the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Sahel G5 (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad) was held at Ouagadougou on 9 July 2019. It was co‑chaired by Mr Alpha Barry, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Burkina Faso, representing the current Presidency of the Sahel G5, and by Ms Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice‑President of the European Commission.


2. The 5th annual meeting is evidence of the determination of the EU and the Sahel G5 to strengthen their partnership, coming a few weeks after the joint meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defence of the European Union and the Sahel G5 in Brussels on 14 May 2019.


3. Both sides took stock of the various fields in which they cooperate. In that context, they expressed their deep concern at the deterioration in the security and humanitarian situation in the Sahel G5 region.


4. In view of the security situation - which is marked by a resurgence of attacks by armed terrorist groups, violence perpetrated by so‑called self‑defence groups and recurrent inter‑community tension - both sides called for determined and concerted action by the States concerned, supported by regional actors and the European Union, so as to prevent and limit any risk of an escalation and destabilisation in the region.


5. Both sides reaffirmed their determination to strive to make the Joint Force operational, including its police component, and to implement the compliance framework for human rights and international humanitarian assistance.

6. They reiterated that they intended to do their utmost to enhance coordination between the Joint Force, national defence and security forces and international partners.

7. Both sides welcomed the efforts made by the States of the Sahel G5 to mobilise internal resources to counter terrorism in all its forms. They also stressed the importance of increased and immediate engagement in fragile areas to ensure the provision of State services: security, justice and basic social services.


8. At the same time, they encouraged the States of the Sahel G5 to drive forward initiatives to foster national reconciliation and inter‑community and intra‑community dialogue. Furthermore, they stressed that it was necessary to respect the rule of law, in particular human rights, international humanitarian law and refugee law, and to clamp down on impunity, especially with a view to maintaining the trust of the population at both national and sub‑regional level.


9. Given that the abuses committed by self‑defence groups must be tackled if an escalation of the violence is to be avoided, both sides emphasised how urgent it is to start disbanding the militias as part of a process of reforming the security sector and programmes for reducing inter‑community violence.


10. Both sides decided to consolidate their partnership on the basis of the following priorities:


- ownership by the five countries of the Sahel G5, in particular by means of enhanced coordination by the Permanent Secretariat;


- definition of an integrated framework for action on security and development, and identification of priority areas on which the parties will focus their efforts;


- innovative arrangements for the implementation of assistance relating to support for the Joint Force and development action so as to enable the population’s expectations to be met swiftly.


Against that backdrop and on the basis of the above priorities, the European Union will support the Joint Force, including its police component, to the amount of an additional one hundred and thirty eight million euros (EUR 138 000 000).


11. Both sides have decided to draw up a roadmap for defining and implementing the integrated framework for action referred to in the previous paragraph.


12. Both sides have committed to better communication concerning the actions conducted on the ground.


13. The Sahel G5 Ministers also expressed their gratitude to the High Representative of the European Union/Vice‑President of the European Commission, Ms Federica Mogherini, for the tremendous efforts made and her constant commitment, from the outset of her term of office, to strengthening the partnership between the EU and the Sahel G5.


14. At the end of proceedings both sides thanked His Excellency Mr Roch Marc Christian Kabore, President of Burkina Faso, incumbent chair of the Sahel G5, and to the people of Burkina Faso, for their generous hospitality and for the facilities made available to them during their stay in the country.