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Working together: Palestinians and Europeans hold a joint meeting to enhance cooperation

Jerusalem, 15/07/2019 - 15:21, UNIQUE ID: 190715_12
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On Thursday 11 July 2019, line ministries and institutions of the Palestinian Authority (PA), met with representatives from European Development Partners to enhance their cooperation by discussing progress towards state-building objectives.

The meeting was coordinated by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Amjed Ghanem, and the EU Head of Cooperation Alessandra Viezzer. Officials from 17 PA ministries and institutions, including the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretariat, together with European Development Partners, represented by 10 European countries and the Office of the EU Representative, discussed achievements and challenges relating to common programmes implemented in Palestine to improve the lives of Palestinians.

At the meeting, PA ministries and institutions described the results achieved last year and highlighted their priorities for further support from European Development Partners. In turn, European partners suggested areas that require additional attention by the PA to better support state-building efforts.

"This meeting represents a great step forward in the Palestinian-European partnership, which we hope will lead to the PA delivering better results for the Palestinian people. The united efforts of our European partners will enable us to better serve citizens across the whole of Palestine," said Amjed Ghanem, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.

"Europeans have been working tirelessly in the past few years to better support Palestinians and their pursuit for statehood. Support to the Palestinian aspiration for statehood is the reason why European Development Partners are here. We believe that by working together, Europeans side-by-side, we are in a stronger position to assist our Palestinian partners amid deteriorating political and economic conditions," said Alessandra Viezzer, EU Head of Cooperation


The meeting is part of the broader approach of Europeans to work ever more closely together. This will ultimately increase the mutual accountability of projects and programmes of the PA and European partners. Issues with a cross-sectoral and Palestine-wide relevance will be discussed with the Office of the Prime Minister at a High-Level meeting foreseen in August 2019.


European Development Partners work together in Palestine under the umbrella of the European Joint Strategy in support of Palestine 2017-2020 – Towards a democratic and accountable Palestinian state. Under this strategic framework, European partners agree that their support should be directed towards state-building and protecting the viability of the two-state solution. The European Joint Strategy is aligned to the National Policy Agenda and to the various sectoral strategies and policies.