European Union External Action

Statement by the Spokesperson on the political situation in the Republic of Moldova

Bruxelles, 08/06/2019 - 20:52, UNIQUE ID: 190608_3
Statements by the Spokesperson

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has met today to decide upon the formation of a government coalition.
Following the decisions taken by the Parliament and in light of the ensuing developments, the European Union calls for calm and restraint. Democratically elected representatives must find the way forward for the Republic of Moldova through dialogue.
The European Union expects the Republic of Moldova, an associated country to the EU, to respect the rule of law and guarantee democracy, in line with the core principles of our ambitious Association Agreement.
The European Union reaffirms its commitment to cooperate with the Republic of Moldova on a robust reform process for the country, in particular as regards fighting corruption and vested interests, ensuring the independence of the judiciary and de-politicising the state institutions.
The European Union’s partnership with the Republic of Moldova is focussed on delivering tangible benefits to the Moldovan citizens. In this spirit, the European Union stands ready to further support reforms that are at the core of our Association Agreement.