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New benches placed in seven of Podgorica’s parks

28/05/2019 - 16:50
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The EU in Montenegro donated benches during the European Day of Parks as part of the Europe Month celebrations.

Seven parks in Podgorica now have seven new benches, symbolically donated by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro and the EU Info Centre, in honor of the European Day of Parks, which was marked on 24 May. The celebration of this day was organised by the company "Zelenilo," in cooperation with the Capital City Podgorica.


"Europe celebrated the Day of Parks; therefore, our idea was to also do something nice for our parks together with the European Union. Since the parks are maintained on a daily basis, and we nourish the plants in accordance with the plant nutrition calendar, we decided to install one park bench in each park," said Daca Popovic, the director of "Zelenilo."

The Media and Public Affairs Adviser at the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Nadezda Dramicanin, explained that this donation is a symbolic gift to the citizens of Podgorica, as part of theEurope Month celebrations.

"We mark Europe Month by organasing different events for citizens, in order to talk with them about various topics that are important for Montenegro in the process of joining the European Union. One of these important topics is ecology and environmental protection. That's why I used this opportunity to invite citizens to come to the park, enjoy the nature, and see the new benches that represent a small gift for them. I also advised them to work together in order to protect the nature, the parks, and the benches," said Dramicanin at a press conference at the Karadjordjev Park in the Podgorica city centre.

In Podgorica, the parks occupy an area of ​​15 hectares. Four parks are located in the city centre, two in the Preko Morace town, and one in Pobrezje. The Deputy Mayor of Podgorica, Sladjana Vujacic, announced that, soon, new green areas will be built in  Podgorica.

"The Capital City of Podgorica launched several projects aimed at enriching the green fund of Podgorica, and, among other things, and projects which willturn unregulated urban areas into multifunctional parks," said Vujacic.

The European Day of Parks is celebrated in honor of the day when the first national parks - nine national parks in Sweden – were declared in Europe on 24 May 1909. The project was set up by the Federation of National Parks of Europe in order to draw public attention to the importance of green areas. The first day this event was marked throughout Europe in 1999.

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