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Sesame Samantha Marumos' poem serenades guests at the EU-SADC EPA signing ceremony

14/06/2016 - 17:34
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I believe I can fly

Written and performed by
Sesame Samantha Marumo,
at the occasion of the signing of the EUSADC
Economic Partnership Agreement
Kasane Botswana, 10 June 2016

If you can build a multi-purpose, multi-directional bridge over the seas, give it names like EPA’s ACP’s and Africa-EU Strategies.

If you can sow sugar cane in Swaziland and then harvest its sugar in another land, if a cashew snack purchased in Portugal could be processed in Mozambique, and if the cow my dad called “Bogoma” walked all the way from Botswana to a restaurant called” très magnifique” where as they consume of its flesh, they say things like “bon appetite” and, “would you like some sugar with your tea”?

Then I can fly, that is what I believe.

You see, poverty reduction, regional integration, economic cooperation and good governance are not just some nice sounding political utterances. Because when people gather for the right reasons like defending the widow, fathering the orphan, feeding the hungry, basically serving the nation, then behold, the existence
of humanity is receiving validation.

I’m rolling in the dust now, but something tells me, that I have the ability to fly. My name is Africa and for now I’m in the shape of a caterpillar.

Screaming at the top of my lungs yet my voice still seeming to be only a whisper, clearly I’m only a beginner, receiving and eating, from international aid constantly feeding, not yet recognising that trade and investment are the pillars of development; Paul Kagame. I’m getting heavier and slower…but I keep wanting, eager to take flight. Trying to join in the international conversation and rub shoulder with other nations. I’ll work on the next generation I will give them education, so that they might have a higher expectation; that they might think crazy thoughts like….like I believe that I can fly.

That if you can build a multi-purpose, multi-directional, monochrome bridge over the seas, give it names like EPA’s ACP’s and Africa-EU Strategies. If you can sow sugar cane in Swaziland and then harvest it in another land…then I can fly.

I am educated now.

I’ve done a lot to prepare and yet still somehow, I still feel that I am bound to the ground, the skies seeming farther and farther out.

Okay folks, it’s getting too dark, my caterpillar stage is bowing out.

In my remembrance, through my existence we were able to witness, the product of work done over many years, being part of the Southern African Development Community, and then being part of the Economic Partnership Agreement, Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific States and sitting right here next to me, I see you, EU.

And for your external action services, thank you. All of you, increasing my faith, that one day I will fly.

Today my wings come out to dry…the journey has taken longer than I would have liked but that’s fine, everything is made beautiful in its own time.

So it is going to take some careful attention from you and I to teach me how to fly and to ensure that I maintain flight. I can almost see it now, you and I somewhere out there in the sky. And as we go, I can borrow some of your strength and you can borrow some of mine.

As we fly over that multi- directional, multi-purpose bridge over the sea’s with names like EPA’s, ACP’s and Africa EU Strategies. We will sow Sugar cane in Swaziland and harvest its sugar in another land. The cashew snacks we purchase in Portugal will be manufactured in Mozambique, and that beef from Botswana will find its way to a restaurant called "très magnifique, where as they consume of its flesh they will be saying things like “bon appetite” and “would you like some sugar in your tea?”

You, me, us flying, is something that you will definitely see.

Granted, we are in a beautiful land. Created wonderfully and uniquely. I say this proudly, that this year all things Botswana are in the shape of the number fifty, the taste in the air is the colour of the BW white black and BLUE paced together neatly.

The delight you see on 2 million faces is independence…for 50 years. This signing is important, as it serves people like these, from land locked countries out to those where the African Shore meets the seas. 

Where poverty reduction, regional integration, economic cooperation and good governance are not just some nice sounding political utterances. Because people on a day like today actually gathered for the right reasons, like defending the widow, fathering the orphan and feeding the hungry, basically serving the nation, witness human existence receiving validation, the ultimate reason for signing any treaty.

…Told you I could fly

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