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The civilian CSDP Warehouse increases EU responsiveness

21/05/2019 - 18:43
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Physical security, drinkable water, electricity, office infrastructure, pharmaceutical products – civilian CSDP Missions would not run without them. The security, logistical and medical services provided by the Mission support departments of the ten civilian CSDP Missions are a precondition for their ability to function. Running Missions in distant countries – in locations as diverse as Agadez, Baghdad, Tripoli or Mtshketa – and providing for approximately 2,000 multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff in order for them to be able to carry out their work is a formidable challenge. A breakthrough in the field of mission support, enhancing both preparedness and the rapidity of the EU’s reaction to crisis situations, was the opening of the civilian CSDP Warehouse in Sweden June 2018.

Equipping around 2000 staff in civilian CSDP Missions

The civilian CSDP Warehouse provides logistical services
The civilian CSDP Warehouse provides logistical services

Bringing logistics into the 21st century

The Warehouse is based on a contract between the European Union and the implementing operator, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).  With a three year budget of over €52 million, over 600 soft skin vehicles, up to 1,600 laptop computers, transport services of the equivalent of over 800 shipping containers and many other essential assets such as medical or personal protective equipment can be made speedily available to civilian CSDP Missions, other operational action as foreseen by TEU article 28 and EU Special Representatives. Not only speed of delivery will be increased, but also work processes will be better streamlined, thus increasing general effectiveness. The Warehouse acquires, stores, maintains and makes available new and used items of equipment and assets, as well as provides support services. It is located in Kristinehamn, Southern Sweden, where MSB already conducts extensive stockholding and logistical activities for missions in Sweden and around the world.

Civilian Operations Commander visited the Warehouse

The Civilian Operations Commander Vincenzo Coppola visited 13 -14 May the Warehouse and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) for focused talks with our Swedish partners on logistics operations, and to receive updated information on the status of the logistics service that MSB provides for the civilian CSDP Missions. This is the first time the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and its Director General Dani Eliasson hosted a visit from the Civilian Operations Commander.

In November last year all EU member states signed a civilian compact with 22 commitments to make civilian missions a faster, more efficient and more flexible tool that the EU can use in the event of a crisis or conflict in our immediate environment or in the outside world. The logistics service that the Warehouse provides is an important component to enable several of these commitments for increased responsiveness.

The Swedish MSB has a longstanding commitment to EU’s civilian crisis management and has for more than 10 years contributed with experts and equipment to the civilian missions.

The Civilian Operations Commander and the Director General MSB
The Civilian Operations Commander and the Director General MSB