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Faces2Hearts 2019: 10 countries, 20 vloggers, 1001 stories to tell

Bruxelles, 21/05/2019 - 18:04, UNIQUE ID: 190521_21
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The international vlogging competition Faces2Hearts 2019 has been launched. The competition, organised by the European Union, aims to find 20 young vloggers to take part in a life-changing travel experience to unusual destinations across the world to report on how the European Union is changing people’s lives for the better. All they have to do is to demonstrate adventurous spirit, natural talent for telling stories and a flair for video-making.

How does it work?

Faces2Hearts will pair a local vlogger from Argentina, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sierra Leone or The Gambia and a European vlogger to discover communities beyond faces and reveal compelling stories to the world. Inspired by transformative EU actions, they will foster cultural exchanges and human connection. Each pair will travel for a month in one of the destination countries looking for stories of positive change that are often unreported.


The public application round is open until 27 May 2019, followed by a shortlist of 40 entries, public voting and final jury selection announced in the end of May.


Who can take part?

§ 20-35 years old

§ National of one of the following countries: Argentina, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sierra Leone or The Gambia.

§ National of one of the 28 EU Member States


For any questions on the competition application process, please contact


The impact of Faces2Hearts

In 2018, the first Faces2hearts experience saw over 500 young bloggers apply for the life-changing experience, from which the final four were taken on a 5-month journey across 29 countries in Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. On social media alone, this first campaign reached + 30 000 000 people and stimulated around 5 000 000 engagements. For more information visit the website and re-live the first four vlogger journeys here.


Faces2Hearts is a vlogging campaign powered by the European Union, which takes young people to some of the most remote places on earth to report on EU development projects that are changing people’s lives for the better. Faces2Hearts is organised by EuropeAid, the European Commission Department for International Cooperation and Development. Its main mission is to help end poverty and to create a safer, fairer and more prosperous world for all.


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