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02/05/2019 - 16:34
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About of project: Period: 01.02.2016 -31.07.2019 Budget: €798,919.20 Implementing agency: ODB Brussels (Belgium), TNU Network University (the Netherlands) and Belarusian Youth Association "New Faces" Location: Belarus


Social entrepreneurship is called upon to solve or mitigate relevant social problems on the conditions of cost recovery. This phenomenon is gaining momentum around the world today. The project provides for development of social entrepreneurship in Belarus. Its participants will have a unique opportunity to benefit from high-quality international training in the field of socially oriented business.

Goal and objectives: Develop a package of Russian language social entrepreneurship training programmes based on innovative international practices, as well as experience of Belarusian diaspora who have achieved success in countries of the European Union, Eastern Partnership, Russia and the USA.

Intermediary outcomes: Biz-4all, a nine-month training programme was developed specially for Belarus. Belarusian and foreign mentors help the project participants develop ideas of social business, make a prototype of a specific product or service, test them through the first customers, and find seed funds.

100 persons have already been trained. Their business is aimed at solving the problems of disabled persons; CO2 emissions; preservation of traditions; integration of children with autism, rehabilitation of mentally challenged persons and women in distress; monitoring of health of elderly people; and other social problems.

60 teenagers from all regions of Belarus learned about the social entrepreneurship basics in two summer schools. Today, these six teams keep developing their social projects with the help of mentors and social colleagues.

The project gave a start to a wide public discussion of the social entrepreneurship issues in the country. The first Belarus Social Business Forum was held in Minsk on June 28; a number of international seminars with leading experts in social entrepreneurship was arranged.

Contacts: Alyona Lis, Project Coordinator (ODB Brussels)

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