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4th Regional Student Debate on Accounting and Entrepreneurship

08/04/2019 - 10:24
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Accounting students once again did put up another sensational show in the 4th and final regional debate in Mzuzu-Northern Malawi. It was another captivating encounter between Mzuzu Technical College and Malawi College of Accountancy. All debates are organised by the Institute for Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) in partnership with the European Union.

After having conducted similar debates in Southern, Eastern and Central regions, it was now the turn of accounting student in the Northern Region of Malawi to showcase their talent. The students debated energetically on whether "it is essential for entrepreneurs to have a good basis in accounting". After several rounds of questions from the attentive audience, the esteemed judges from the private sector and academia, made their difficult decision, which team was the more persuasive, assertive and convincing one.

'Mzuzu Technical College' (in yellow) did put up a show, but 'Malawi College of Accountancy' (in blue) was the better side and carried the day. We congratulate the accounting students of 'Malawi College of Accountancy' for their outstanding performance. They will now advance to the semi-finals in Lilongwe on 02 May 2019. We wish them good luck!

This has been the 4th and final of a series of regional debates, where two teams engaged each other on challenges facing their profession. The winning teams from the four regions will battle it out in the semis-final for a place in the finals to be held in Lilongwe on the 3rd of May 2019.

The stage is set; we have concluded the regional debates and now have four teams who will face off in the semi-finals in Lilongwe.  These teams are PACT College (Southern), Zomba Institute of Management and Accountancy (Eastern), K & M School of Accountancy (Central) and Malawi College of Accountancy (Northern).

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