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Renewable Energy Women Empowerment Project (REWEP)

11/02/2019 - 11:22

The REWEP is a project co-funded by the EU whose aim is to improve access and knowledge of renewable energy solutions to rural women entrepreneurs in Thaba-Tseka and to improve the access rural schools have to solar power.

Solar kiosk installed in Mashai, Thaba-Tseka


Project overview    

The project aims to implement the solar kiosk model of generating off-grid renewable energy for rural women entrepreneurs in Thaba Tseka district. 10 women-owned shops will be assisted in acquiring solar-powered kiosks and several more will be trained to become sales agents of renewable energy technologies. The overall goal is to improve their standard of living and their knowledge of renewable energies. A secondary goal is to improve the supply of solar-powered electricity to rural schools in the area.

Implementing organisation

KESI Business Solutions




February 2018 - February 2020


Renewable Energy

Benefitting zone 

Thaba Tseka  

Facts and figures

  • 4 out of an envisaged 10 solar kiosks have been installed in various locations in Thaba-Tseka so far.
  • Over 20 women have already received training on rural renewable energy entrepreneurship. 
  •  Secondary school teachers from 16 schools in Thaba-Tseka have been trained on Solar PV installations.

Total Cost

EUR 444,228.00 

EU contracted amount

EUR 355,382.00

Funding Instrument

European Development Fund (EDF 11 through Financing Agreement FED/2016/036-076- Support to the reform in the energy sector in Lesotho)

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