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Invitation to take part in a communications and public relations services market survey

Bruxelles, 19/03/2019 - 05:14, UNIQUE ID: 190319_2
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1. Scope and aim of the market survey

The EU Delegation to Papua New Guinea is interested to receive information from communication and public relations agencies across Papua New Guinea with regard to the services they are able to provide. Through this market research, the EU Delegation to Papua New Guinea seeks to collect information on the communication and public relations market segment in the country with a view to possibly award one or more contracts regarding EU visibility at some point in the future.

Potential contractors interested to participate in this market survey should provide at least the following information:

  • Legal status of their company and year of establishment;
  • Annual turnover (2016-2017-2018);
  • Number of permanent staff;
  • Capacity to design and produce information materials (brochures, flyers, posters – in hard copy and in digital formats suitable for social media);
  • Capacity to produce and disseminate press statements, briefing documents etc;
  • Capacity to produce attractive content for social media and websites, including short video clips, photographic materials and infographics;
  • Capacity to manage social media and website content for third parties;
  • Capacity to deliver turn-key organisation of events, ranging in duration from half a day to several days (identification of suitable venues, design and production of conference/seminar materials, organisation of equipment hire as appropriate, provision of support staff/receptionists etc;
  • Any other capacities deemed of interest in the context of communication and public relations.

Contractors do not necessarily have to have all of the capacities listed above as the EU Delegation could award individual contracts, covering different capacities or consider a consortium of two or more contractors working together.

All information provided to the EU Delegation will be deemed confidential and no individual data will be shared with any third parties or the general public.

2. How to participate in the market survey

Service providers interested in being considered for contracts to be awarded by the Delegation of the European Union to Papua New Guinea should provide the information listed under 1. above via email to: , stating in the subject line: Communication and public relations services market survey.

3. Follow-up to the market survey

Please duly note that participation in this survey does not constitute any obligation on the part of the EU Delegation to Papua New Guinea to invite the participants to participate in any future procurement procedure, to award them a contract, or to reimburse them for any expenses incurred in completing this survey.

4. Closing date

Monday, 15April 2019 at 17:00 hrs local time

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