European Union External Action

Joint EU Response Strategy - Namibia

 Joint programming increases transparency, predictability and efficiency of our development cooperation, avoids duplication of efforts and helps to convey our core principles and values and uses taxpayers' funds more efficiently.  The priority areas identified for support by EU Development Partners are fully aligned to the contents and period of Namibia's 4th National Development Plan (NDP4). Focal areas of the EU Joint REsponse Strategy for Namibia during the period 2014-2017 include: economic priorities (agriculture and tourism), basic enablers (institutional environment, education and skills and infrastructure), capacity development and support for the specific role of civil society in strengthening democracy.  In total, European Development Partners planned to provide some N$ 3.5 Billion in grant funding between now and the end of NDP4. In addition, loans may be offered by European financial institutions, mainly for large infrastructure investments and private sector development. 

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