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The European Union and Peru hold VIth High-Level Political Dialogue Meeting

Bruxelles, 30/10/2015 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 151030_01
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Both sides discussed topics of mutual interest and agreed on various new areas for cooperation.

The VI meeting in the framework of the EU-Peru consultation mechanism, established on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding from 2009, was held in Brussels on 29 October 2015. 
Closer economic and trade links, climate change, fight against illegal drugs and organised crime, the development of small and medium enterprises, academic and scientific cooperation, regional policies, development cooperation, the exoneration from the Schengen visa requirement, foreign affairs as well as cooperation in international fora were amongst the topics discussed.

The European Union and Peru reviewed the evolution of trade and investment in the framework of the Multi-Party Trade Agreement between Peru, Colombia  and the European Union provisionally applied with Peru since March 2013. It concluded that the economic relationship had more potential and that enterprises, in particular the small and medium-sized enterprises, must be able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Agreement. 
Both parties underlined the need to maintain the focus on the fight against the global challenge posed by drugs, in line with the principle of shared responsibility. The European Union will continue working in the fight against drugs, with exchanges of information and development project. The European Union supports the National Strategy against drugs of Peru with € 32.2 million.

Peru thanked the European Union for the financial support given to the governance study carried out in the framework of the OECD country programme. The European Union welcomed the commitment and the actions undertaken by Peru working on its objective of becoming part of the OECD.
Peru underlined the importance of the cooperation with the European Union as an important contribution to increasing the prosperity and sustainable and inclusive development of the country, notably through the improvement of the competitiveness of border regions.
The Parties will strengthen the bilateral cooperation in scientific and technological cooperation and promote further the Horizon 2020 programme, foster the participation of Peruvian research institutes and maximise the opportunities the European Union offers in the field of research and technological development.

Peru welcomed the recent visit of the Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica in Peru.  During the visit, the EU and Peru signed an agreement of over € 40 million in support of the Strategy of Social Inclusion of Peru.   
Both sides welcomed the results of the meeting of the External Relations Group of the Pacific Alliance held on 20 October in Punta Arenas, Chile, which agreed on the following three areas of cooperation: (i) trade and investment facilitation, (ii) movement of persons, (iii) education/ Erasmus+ programme.

The two sides welcomed the results of the recent EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels, considering that the next meeting of the Foreign Ministers to be held in 2016, will be an important step for the future of the bi-regional dialogue. Both sides recognised the important contribution of the EU-LAC Foundation in the strengthening of the relationship between the two regions.
In conclusion of the meeting, the EU and Peru concurred on the excellent state of bilateral relations.