European Union External Action

2019 Cultural Routes of Europe Exhibition

€15.000 - €60.000

Estimated contract value: EUR 59,900.00

Description: The Delegation of the European Union to China is planning to organize an attractive and informative exhibition in a busy shopping mall or equivalent public space in three major cities in China where visitors will learn more about Cultural Routes of Europe.

Requested services are as follows:

- Secure suitable busy shopping malls or equivalent public space in good locations in three major cities to hold the exhibition for at least 1-2 weeks in each location;

- Get all the necessary permits from Chinese authorities to hold the exhibition;

- Provide adequate security on site;

- Hold an opening ceremony in each location;

- Coordinate with EU Member State embassies in Beijing and other relevant stakeholders (such as national tourism agencies) to provide information and material for the exhibition;

- Provide screens (on which can be placed short tourism videos from all EU Member States) and other interactive elements (such as online quizzes, touchscreen maps, online mini-programs etc);

- Actively seek out partnerships with relevant private sector actors in the tourism industry such as travel agencies, airlines etc who could serve to better promote the project through their networks;

- Promote the exhibition widely through media partners, press conference, social media etc both in advance, on the day and following the event

- Any other ad hoc tasks related to the successful organisation and running of the event

Natural and legal persons interested in participating in the tenders are invited to send their application by e-mail to the following address:

By e-mail:

Subject:  CHNPI201905 – 2019 Cultural Routes of Europe Exhibition

The application must contain the following information for being accepted in the Candidates' list:

Identification of the candidate, indicating name, business address (full address of registration of the firm, if applicable), contact person, telephone and e-mail.

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
14 February 2019
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