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EU-Support for Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism and Violent Extremism

03/01/2019 - 17:16
Rule of Law

The global objective of the proposed action is to achieve strengthened criminal justice to address terrorism and violent extremism.

Specific objectives are: 

i.) To render the criminal justice system and its stakeholders more efficient, timely, transparent and accountable in dealing with terrorism cases and; 

ii.) to render the criminal justice related implementation of the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy (NACTEST) and the CVE Action Plan more effective and efficient.


Expected Results:

  • Investigation, prosecution and adjudication of terrorism-related offences is more effective, evidence based, timely, transparent and accountable;
  • Mechanisms for effective countering violent extremism measures are reinforced. 


Main activities:

Component 1 – Strengthening criminal justice measures for counter-terrorism (CT)

  • Capacity building for effective investigation, prosecution and adjudication of terrorism offences;
  • Capacity building for human rights compliance in terrorism offences, related corruption cases (collusions and financial flows), and violent extremism, including gender dimensions;
  • Legal assistance for strengthening the national legislation against terrorism.

Component 2 – Strengthening criminal justice measures related to countering violent extremism

  • Capacity building and policy support for strengthening criminal justice measures for countering violent extremism;
  • Capacity building and policy assistance to strengthen preventive criminal justice measures related to radicalization and violent extremism. 

Main Accomplishments to date:

  • The PAGODA with UNODC has been concluded, project staff have been recruited and implementation of activities have begun.



Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS Ref: (FED/2017/ 040-399)

Total budget (EUR): 8.5M

Implementing period: 3 years (2018-2020)

Implementing agencies:  UNODC

Geographical region:  Nationwide



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