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“A dream come true! My daughter won't miss her classes anymore...”

19/12/2018 - 15:57
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The rainwater harvesting reservoirs project is part of the EU-funded and supported Social Protection for Community Resilience Project (SPCRP) to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in the Hajjah governorate in Yemen in partnership with UN Development Programme (UNDP) . The project is designed to support 317 households in the Bani Al-Awwam district alone.

The Al-Hamami village, located in the Bani Al-Awwam district in the Hajjah governorate, lacks many basic services. In particular, access to drinking water is problematic. The villages are vulnerable and at the mercy of weather and seasonal conditions with no proper system in place to store rainwater. This affects youth and children especially as they often have to miss classes to undertake a 5-hour journey to fetch water.

In order to improve access to drinking water and support vulnerable communities in Al-Hamami and other villages of Bani Al-Awwam District, the Social Fund for Development (SFD) employed members of the affected households in constructing their own rainwater harvesting reservoirs. Households are allocated cash assistance to buy the necessary construction materials, support the work to build the water reservoirs and buy food. The project enhances therein the resilience of the local community on multiple levels: not only does each household take ownership but by ensuring access to drinking water, youth and children can invest in their own education.

As Esam Hadi, a resident of Al-Hamami mountainous village and beneficiary of the rainwater harvesting reservoirs, stated: “It’s a dream come true. [...] I expect it to cover our needs for a good six months, that’s until the dry season is over, and rains return. More importantly, I am happy my 11-year-old daughter won’t have to miss school anymore to go through the water fetching journey”.



The Social Protection for Community Resilience Project (SPCRP) is funded and supported by the European Union (EU) and implemented in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and The Social Fund for Development (SFD). The $28 million SPCRP aims to enhance the purchasing capacity of vulnerable communities while restoring community infrastructure and improving access to and delivery of key services through short-term employment, provision of solar energy equipment, rehabilitating healthcare facilities, and building the capacities of communities and local authorities.