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Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy: EU strengthens its capacities to act

23/11/2018 - 15:36
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"(…) Let me start by saying that yesterday afternoon and this morning Ministers took another major step in our work to build the European Union of defence. We have agreed yesterday to first of all strengthen our civilian crisis management. Ministers adopted a civilian compact that contains over 20 political commitments to reinforce the European Union capacity to deploy civilian expertise.

Civilian CSDP: EU strengthens its capacities to act

We have many EU civilian missions, 10 at the moment, but over time we have had 22 civilian missions around the world. I visited many of them. They are extremely appreciated by our partners, because they help building capacities and strengthening institutions and working on preventing and managing crises all around the world. It is a unique instrument that only the European Union has in that way. And the decision to strengthen this first of all highlights that as we work on the military side we also work on the civilian side of security. And this would also allow to strengthen civilian military cooperation on the ground that is one of our - again - unique tools that are extremely appreciated and needed in the current security situation."

With these words the High Representative Federica Mogherini commented on the recent decision of the EU Member States to strengthen civilian CSDP.

Member States decided to strengthen civilian CSDP

 On 19 November 2018, the Council and the member states adopted conclusions on the establishment of a civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) compact. These conclusions set the strategic guidelines for the strengthening of civilian CSDP and contain 22 political commitments by the Council and the member states.

The aim is to strengthen the EU's capacity to deploy civilian crisis management missions. The objectives of these missions are to reinforce the police, the rule of law and the civil administration in fragile and conflict settings. Strengthening civilian CSDP contributes to the EU's wider response to tackle security challenges.

In their conclusions, the Council and the member states agree to an increased contribution to civilian CSDP missions. They also commit themselves to enhance the civilian CSDP's responsiveness through the ability to launch a new mission of up to 200 personnel in any area of operation within 30 days after a Council decision, with all the necessary equipment provided by the strategic warehouse and utilising the multi-layered responsiveness capacity.